5 Piece House Assortment

Includes five of our favorites: a toffee, a buttercaramel, a truffle, a turtle and a buttercreme.


12 Piece House Assortment

Includes two buttercaramels, one toffee, one turtle, one chocolate-covered caramel, one chocolate-covered sea salt caramel, two truffles, three buttercremes, and one nut cluster


24 Piece House Assortment

Includes three buttercaramels, three toffees, two turtles, two chocolate-covered caramels, two chocolate-covered sea salt caramels, four truffles, four buttercremes, and four nut clusters


48 Piece House Assortment

Includes six buttercaramels, six toffees, four turtles, four chocolate-covered caramels, four chocolate-covered sea salt caramels, eight truffles, eight buttercremes, and eight nut clusters